नागरी सेवा परीक्षा 2015 मध्ये देशात 220 रँक मिळवलेले डॉ.नवनाथ गव्हाणे यांनी सांगेतलेलीं यशाची पंचसूत्री

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    नागरी सेवा परीक्षा 2015 मध्ये देशात 220 रँक मिळवलेले डॉ.नवनाथ गव्हाणे यांनी सांगेतलेलीं यशाची पंचसूत्री

Five factors of Success (यशाची पंचसूत्री)

Five step mantra of Success in UPSC civil services :

As such there is no absolute formula of success. Every person has a different story.
But by and large I will deduct 5 factors in success by my experience.

This is as follows:

1. Proper Guidance :

Vast syllabus,many challenges and limited time.

You need proper guidance to sail through these months.

Don’t try trail and error.
Don’t be overconfident.

Unsuccessful aspirants are the best guides.

Be aware and alert and informed about international, national,state and local happenings.(linked to syllabus)

2. Planning :

You can’t do anything without planning.

Almost Everything under the sun is a syllabus.

Don’t work haphazard and unsystematic way.

It costs time,money and almost every precious in your life.

So plan you study according to syllabus, resources and guidance. Keep desired flexibility and common sense in planning. Attach your hobby,interest to it.

3. Hard Work :

Don’t ever dare to think that you will clear exam by chance, God’s grace,luck,money,etc

No short cut to success.

Make ‘studying hard’ your habit.
Its really beautiful if you think so.

Understand the difference between ‘donkey work’ and ‘smart work.’

Scope of examination is phenomenal. You have to work day and night. No option.

4. Consistency :

Nature of examination is like one of lengthy race.

You have to work months and months.

So it’s not like ‘8 days study package deal’ like in our graduation.

Many times excellent students also miss the rank by small margin. That doesn’t mean they are not deserving.

So keep striking hard.

5. Strong insight :

Every time you fail to understand or get it what’s wrong, you should think systematically to work out what went wrong.

There should be a continuous rechecking mechanism working in your mind during preparation.

It helps in correction mistakes and wrong habits.

It improves your overall prospect for success. Without strong insight all above factors are bound to fail.

This is in brief what I understand during last 6 years of my ‘romance’ with UPSC examination.

So follow this Panchasutri (पंचसूत्री) and enter in final list.

Best of luck.

UPSC मध्ये देशात 220 क्रमांकाने उत्तीर्ण डॉ.नवनाथ गव्हाणे यांच्या “My Journey,My Way”या ब्लॉग वरून साभार.सरांच्या ब्लॉगला अवश्य भेट द्या.ब्लॉगची लिंक