Current Affair 7 August 2018

●Battle of Haifa-1918;-

↪fought by Imperial Services consisting mainly of Lancer Regiments of Indian Princely States against Ottoman Turks
°Haifa↪northern Israeli coastal city
•Haifa Day(23 Sept);-{by Indian Army}
↪to pay its respects to three Indian Cavalry Regiments – Mysore, Hyderabad & Jodhpur Lancers, that helped liberate Haifa

●Mobilise Your City (MYC)Programme;-

↪Is a global climate initiative for integrated urban mobility planning,which is supported by French & German Govt.
↪India & France have signed MYC(aims at supporting three pilot cities ‘Nagpur,Kochi & Ahmedabad in their efforts to reduce their GHG emissions)

●Section 377 (of IPC);-

↪which came into force in 1862 – defines unnatural offences(consensual gay sex)
& Punished upto imprisonment for life
↪Court said gay sex among consenting adults is not an offence(based on Article 14,15,19,21)
•Law prohibits adoption of a child by a gay couple & Marriages b/w same-sex partners

●Atal Pension Yojana;-


↪minimum age of joining APY is 18 years & maximum age is 40 years
↪Central Government would also co-contribute 50% of total contribution or ₹1000 per annum

●Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA);-

↪Is an international assessment that measures 15-year-old students’ on reading, mathematics & science literacy in every 3 years.
↪India had taken part in PISA in 2009 & bagged 72nd rank among 74 participating countries.(then UPA government had boycotted PISA)
↪MoHRD officially decided to participate in PISA-2021(Is likely to be administered in schools in Chandigarh)

●COMCASA(Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement);-

↪Is one of the four foundational agreements that U.S. signs with allies & close partners to facilitate interoperability b/w militaries & sale of high end technology
↪this agreement would allow interoperability of India & US equipments (Is valid for a period 10 years)
●PM Jan Dhan Yojana;-
↪primary aim is to provide poor people access to bank accounts.(both urban & rural)
•Accident insurance↪upto ₹1Lakh for entire family{NOW ₹2 lakh}
•Life Insurance↪Only one person per family will get ₹30,000
•upper age limit hiked to 65yr from 60yr

●Kendriya Hindi Samiti;-{constituted in 1967}

↪It’s a apex policy making body which lays guidelines for propagation & progressive use of Hindi as official language of union

●SLINEX-2018;-{‘SL-IN-EX’ started in 2005}

↪India,Sri Lanka joint naval exercise, previously held once in two years(now Annually)

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