Current Affair 30 august(english medium)

●Project Navlekha;-{by Google}

•Navlekha in Sanskrit means “a new way to write”
↪aims to bring 135,000 local language publishers online by making web hosting smooth & simple
↪it will quickly render any PDF with Indian language content into editable text by using AI
●Marriage certificate mandatory for official work in Meghalaya;-
↪due to increasing cases of broken marriages & women being forced to fend for themselves & their children

●Anti-lynching measures;-

•Lynching↪Is the practice of murder by a group by extrajudicial action
↪A panel headed by Union Home Secretary deliberated on measures to check incidents of lynching & make a “separate offence”
↪At present there is no law that criminalises mob killings
•Police’ & ‘Public Order’↪State subjects

●RBI’s 2nd annual report;-

↪after demonetization,about 99.3% of notes sucked out of circulation has been returned
↪value of bank notes in circulation has increased by 37.7% over the year

●O-SMART scheme;-

↪addressing ocean development activities such as Services, Technology, Resources, Observations & Science
↪will provide economic benefits to a number of user communities in coastal & ocean sectors, namely fisheries,offshore industry,Shipping etc.
↪will also help in addressing issues relating to SDG-14, which aims to conserve use of oceans,marine resources for sustainable development

●Prime Minister’s STIAC

(Science, Technology & Innovation Advisory Council)
↪It will be headed by Principal Scientific Advisor of GoI
↪Advise PM on science,technology as well as innovation & developing ‘Clusters of Excellence’ in science including city-based R&D clusters etc.

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