Current Affair 24 August 2018 (for upsc aspirant)

1. Personal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2018

• eliminates leprosy as a ground for dissolution of marriage or divorce
• integration of leprosy patients into the mainstream
• UN General Assembly Resolution of 2010
• India has signed and ratified the Resolution.

2. Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation

• Ministry of Labour & Employment
• Social Security Organisation
• assists the Central Board in Provident Fund Scheme, a Pension Scheme and an Insurance Scheme (organized sector)
• nodal agency for implementing Bilateral Social Security Agreements
• apex decision making body is the Central Board of Trustees (CBT)

3. Instrument of Accession

• on October 26, 1947
• India could only make laws relating to Defence, External Affairs, Communications, and ancillary matters.

4. Article 35A

• Presidential Order of 1954 Article 370 (1) (d)
• inserted unconstitutionally, bypassing Article 368(only Parliament to amend the Constitution)
• laws enacted are legally beyond the fundamental rights
• state laws regarding settlement and acquisition of property will prevail

5. Madhav Gadgil Report

• assessment of the ecology and biodiversity of the Western Ghats
• Boundaries for ecological management
• Proposal for WG to be declared ecologically sensitive area (ESA)
• proposed a Western Ghats Ecology Authority

6. Poshan Maah (National Nutrition Month)

• an initiative of WCD Ministry and NITI Aayog
• technology and nutrition awareness
• POSHAN Abhiyan-use of technology, a targeted approach and convergence strives to reduce nutritional deficiencies

7. National Logistics Portal

• Ministry of Commerce and Industry
• ensure ease of trading
• link all the stakeholders of EXIM and all trade activities on a single platform

8. Apps to Facilitate Litigants and Lawyers

• e-Filing-online registration of lawyers and litigants+file cases from any part of India to any court[ easing pressure on filing ]• e-Pay-pay online court fees[Maharashtra and Haryana]{secure way to financial transactions}
• National Service and Tracking of Electronic Processes (NSTEP)[secured auto generation of processes]• transparent and secure system for transmission of process

9. “Bondi” bond

• faster and cheaper automation of bond sales
• Blockchain [a public ledger system]• cryptography-based data structure+ transfer of digital asset through cryptocurrencies + no centralized authorisation of transactions

10. ICESat-2 satellite

• Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite
• Measure changes in the heights of Earth’s polar ice [Greenland and Antarctica]• Measure the height of vegetation+study sea ice thickness


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