Current Affair 13 sept(english)

●Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha;-

↪examines every complaint relating to unethical conduct of a member referred to it
↪In 2015 it was given permanent Standing Committee status
↪K Advani has been renominated as Chairman

●Fixed dose combination (FDC) drugs;-

↪Is a cocktail of two or more active drug ingredients in a fixed ratio of doses
↪Are useful in treatment of infectious diseases like HIV, malaria,tuberculosis etc.
•Govt. has prohibited 328 FDC drugs for human use with immediate effect(it may lead to resistance)

●Capacity Development Scheme;-

↪overall objective of scheme is to augment infrastructural,technical as well as manpower resources for making available credible & timely Official Statistics for policymakers & public at large.
•Scheme has two Sub-schemes⤵
1)Economic Census↪listing of all non-agricultural establishments is undertaken periodically
2)Support for Statistical Strengthening (SSS)↪to strengthen State/ Sub-State level statistical systems

●Swadesh Darshan Scheme(SDS);-{Mo Tourism}

↪with an objective to develop theme-based tourist circuits in the country(high tourist value)
↪scheme is 100% centrally funded
•First Tribal Circuit Project under SDS will be inaugurated in Chhattisgarh(This is 2nd project under SDS being inauurated in country)

●UN Interagency Task Force (UNIATF);-

•Shri Manoj Jhalani, A Secy MoH&FW conferred with UNIATF Award for his outstanding contribution towards prevention & control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) & related SDGs
•UNIATF↪on Prevention & Control of NCDs coordinates activities & support governments to meet high-level commitments to respond to NCD epidemics worldwide

●Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay SanraksHan Abhiyan” (PM-AASHA);-

↪Scheme is aimed at ensuring remunerative prices to the farmers for their produce as announced in Budget
°Scheme comprises three sub-schemes⤵
Price Support Scheme(PSS)↪physical procurement of pulses, oilseeds & Copra will be done with proactive role of state govt.
Price Deficiency Payment Scheme (PDPS)↪it is proposed to cover all oilseeds for which ‘MSP’ is notified
Pilot of Private Procurement & Stockist Scheme (PPPS)↪For oilseeds,states will roll out PPSS on pilot basis in selected districts for involving participation of private stockiest

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