CURRENT Affair 22 August 2018. (इंग्लिश मध्ये तयारी करणाऱ्या साठी)

1.➤ NCRB to track complaints on sexual violence

⚈NCRB as nodal agency for monitoring complaints received on govt. portal that records child pornography & sexual violence videos
⚈NCRB to work with Fb, YouTube & WhatsApp & ask them to block malicious videos
⚈NCRB set up on recommendations of National Police Commission (1977-1981) & MHA’s Task force (1985)
⚈NCRB publishes 4 annual publications on Crime, Accidental Deaths & Suicides, Prison Statistics and Finger Prints

2.➤ NOTA (None Of The Above) in Rajya Sabha RS

⚈Supreme Court overruled an Election Commission notification, saying that NOTA option cannot be allowed in RS elections
⚈NOTA meant only for universal adult suffrage & direct elections & not polls held by proportional rep. by means of STV as in RS
⚈NOTA for LS assembly was prescribed by SC in 2013 & for RS polls was introduced by EC in 2014
⚈India 14th country to institute negative voting

3.➤ Criminalization of Politics

⚈Supreme Court proposed to make political parties accountable for criminalising politics
⚈Proposal on:
a) Article 324
b) Section 29A of RPA: Section 29A requires a party to swear to uphold principles of socialism, secularism, democracy, sovereignty, unity & integrity of India
c) The Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order of 1968

4.➤ International Labour Organization ILO published India Wage Report IWR

⚈Real average daily wages in India almost doubled in 1st two decades after economic reforms, but low pay & wage inequality remains a serious challenge
⚈In 2009-10, a 3rd of all of wage workers were paid less than national minimum wage, which is merely indicative & not legally binding
⚈rise in average wages was more rapid in rural areas & for casual workers
⚈Gender wage gap decreased from 48% in 1993-94 to 34% in 2011-12
⚈National Minimum Wage Floor NMWF introduced in 1990s, but is not legally binding

5.➤ UDAN scheme for international routes (Draft International Air Connectivity (IAC) scheme)

⚈Implementing agency of scheme: Airport Authority of India AAI
⚈to set up an International Air Connectivity Fund (IACF), will be created through state govts. contri.
⚈3 yrs selectively subsidy support

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