23 August current affair for UPSC and MPSC (ENGLISH)

●President appoints Governors of seven states[August 2018]
°Satya Pal Malik↪J&K °Baby Rani Maurya{female↪Uttarakhand.. •Governor is the nominal head of a state {CM is real head} • Term↪5 years •Can be dismissal by the President on the advice of PM,at whose pleasure governor holds office •Governor does not have any diplomatic or military powers(like President)
●FSSAI notifies food safety standards for honey;-
↪On 18 parameters like sucrose content, glucose ratio,pollen count,foreign oligosaccharides etc. ↪It will help fetch farmers better prices for their products •Bees wax↪Is obtained from the honeycombs of bees •yellow bees wax↪combs are melted with hot water & filtered •White bees wax↪Is obtained by bleaching the yellow bees wax
●Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or ‘Quad’;-
↪Is an informal strategic dialogue b/w US, Japan, Australia & India ↪being all democratic nations have common interests of unhindered maritime trade & security.
●International Council on Monuments & Sites (ICOMOS);-{ is a prestigious NGO}
↪It promotes conservation of architectural & archaeological heritage across the world(is also an advisory body of UNESCO) ↪It launched an initiative to assess the damage to the rich cultural & built heritage in flood-devastated Kerala
●TReDS platform;
↪Is an online electronic institutional mechanism for facilitating the financing of trade receivables of MSMEs (like Easy Access to Funds,Transact Online etc.) ↪TReDs settle the trade by debiting the financier & paying the seller
●CERT-In report on cyber attacks;-
↪cyber attacks from China made up 35% followed by US (17%),Russia(15%),PAK(9%) •CERT-In(the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team);- ↪Is a government-mandated IT security organization to respond computer security incidents
↪Is described as a fourth-generation fighter jet unveiled recently by Iran
●International Buddhist Conclave 2018;-
↪With an aim to encourage the prominent Buddhist heritage & pilgrim sites in the state of Maharashtra •Theme↪ ‘Buddha Path – The Living Heritage”
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