17 August current affairs

●Global Liveability Index;-{released by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)}

↪index ranks 140 global cities based on their living conditions(on Stability,Health care,Culture & environment,Education,
Infrastructure etc.)… Ranks⤵
1st)↪Vienna,Austria’s capital
3rd)↪Osaka,Is a large port city in JAPAN
NO city from US in top 10
137th)↪Karachi,PAK 😁
ONLY 2 from INDIA😑
112th)↪Delhi. & 117th)↪Mumbai

●BHIM UPI 2.0;-{launched by NPCI}
↪Unified Payments Interface(UPI) is a system to aid instant transfer of money using a cashless system
↪latest version has four new features⤵
1)Linking of overdraft account
2)one-time mandates(transaction can be later after commitment)
3)Invoice in the inbox(to check whether money coming from the right merchant)
4)Signed intent & QR(this feature is for customers to check authenticity of merchants)

●International Nitrogen Initiative(INI);-
↪aims to optimise nitrogen’s beneficial role in sustainable food production and minimise nitrogen’s negative effects on human health{setup in 2004}
↪”Nandula Raghuram” Is the first Indian & Asian to be elected to the Chair of INI

●International year of millets;-
↪India has written to Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO)of UN proposing declaration “International year of millets”
•Millets are Smart Food as ⤵
“Good for You(health), Good for the Farmer and Good for the Planet”

●Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) project;-

↪Is a massive observatory for detecting cosmic gravitational waves & for carrying out experiments
•LIGO-India project;-↪it is piloted by Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) & Department of Science & Technology(DST)
•Gravitational Waves;-
↪are the disturbance in the fabric of spacetime generated by speed of light

●Odisha to showcase its biodiversity;-
↪by setting up a world-class interpretation centre at Dangamal near ‘Bhitarkanika National Park’ 

BAULA’ project at Dangamal;-
°Baula(Oriya)means↪ Saltwater Crocodile
↪to increase crocodile population

•Gharial;-{Gavial or fish eating crocodile}
° IUCN Red List↪Critically Endangered🙏

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