15 August current affair

Korea, Congo, Liechtenstein & India celebrate their Independence Day on August 15

1.➤Uttarakhand high court appoints itself legal guardian of cows in state

⚈1st time in India, a court invoked ‘parens patriae’ doctrine for cow protection
⚈Parens patriae/ ‘parent of country’ is a doctrine that grants court inherent power & authority to act as guardian for those who are unable to take care for themselves
⚈Shelters/homes for housing cows & other stray cattle within 1 year to be constructed by civic bodies 
⚈Court banned slaughter of cows, bulls, bullocks, heifers or calves in state

2.➤ Mahadayi verdict by Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal

⚈Mahadayi/ Mandovi river b/w Goa, Karnataka & Maharashtra
⚈Final Verdict: 
Goa got 24 tmc water
Karnataka got 13.4 tmc for consumptive use & power generation
Maharashtra got 1.33 tmc 
Tribunal directed centre to set up Mahadayi Water Management Authority (MWMA) to implement final decision

3.➤ “Pitch to MOVE”–a mobility pitch competition

⚈AIM: to provide entrepreneurs of India opportunity to pitch their business ideas, Realise vision of ⚈Shared, Connected, Intermodal & Environment Friendly Mobility for India
⚈Organised by NITI Aayog in collaboration with Invest India & Society of Indian
Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM)

4.➤ Australia recommences its adoption programme with India, as per Hague Convention (HC) on Inter-Country Adoption

⚈Till now was on hold
⚈Latest Safety measures by India:
a)Juvenile Justice Act, 2015
b)Adoption Regulations, 2017
c)MinistryoWCD with Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) constantly monitoring implementation of these laws
Hague Convention: protects children & their families against risks of illegal, irregular, premature or ill-prepared adoptions abroad
HC does not allow private adoptions in child’s home country
CARA: statutory body of MinistryoWCD 
Functions as nodal body for adoption of Indian children, regulates in-country & inter-country adoptions

5.➤ Aerogel- Super-insulating gel

⚈a transparent heat-resistant gel, developed using beer waste
⚈looks like flattened plastic contact lens
⚈Are 90% gas by weight, but their defining feature is air

6.➤ US Space Force (a sixth branch of American armed forces)

⚈NASA’s full support for proposed military “Space Force” but will have separate role from NASA
⚈Would be new branch of military by 2020, on par with army, navy, air force, marines & coast guard
⚈US Congress approval required

7.➤ NASA’s New Horizons mission

⚈New Data: suggests there could be a hydrogen wall at end of our solar system
⚈H- wall is a “signature of furthest reaches of sun’s energy”
⚈Launched: 2006
⚈Mission will complete NASA’s surveying of solar system & it makes U.S.1st nation to send a space probe to every planet from Mercury to Pluto
⚈New Horizon’s core science mission: is to map surfaces of Pluto & Charon
⚈Charon, also known as Pluto I, is largest of 5 known natural satellites of Pluto

8.➤ 3rd Party Survey Report on cleanliness of country’s railway stations:

⚈ranks 407 railway stations 
⚈conducted by Quality Council of India (QCI) 

A1-category(out of 75)↪Jodhpur (1st), Jaipur (2nd), Tirupati (3rd)

A-category(out of 332)↪Marwar (1st), Phulera (2nd), Warangal (3rd)

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