10 Aug current affair

●Quit India Movement;-
↪Mahatma Gandhi made a Do or Die call through the Quit India movement on 8 August 1942,after the Cripps Mission had failed
↪demanding an end to British Rule of India

●One District One Product (Ek Zila – Ek Ut padan) Scheme;-{ UP govt.}
↪to promote traditional industries in every district of the state.(75 districts)
•Meerut↪sports goods{Surajkund😀)
•Varanasi ↪Banarasi sari
•Lucknow ↪chikan
•Kanpur↪leather goods
•Agra ↪leather footwear
•Moradabad ↪brassware
•Saharanpur↪wooden products
•Rampur↪rampuri chhuree(knife)
•Bhadohi ↪carpet

●World Biofuel day;-{10 August}
↪to create awareness about non fossil-fuels (Green Fuels)
•Rudolph Diesel↪inventor of diesel engine

●Global Innovation Index;-{jointly released by Cornell University, INSEAD &WIPO}
↪Its explore a broad vision of innovation, including political environment, education, infrastructure & business sophistication etc.(80 indicators)
•India’s performance↪ 57th(2018)& 60th(2017)
↪Switzerland is at the top since 2011

●National Energy Storage Mission;-
↪draft NESM expects to strive for leadership in energy storage sector by creating an enabling policy & regulatory framework that encourages manufacturing, deployment, innovation and further cost reduction
•realistic target↪ 15-20 gigawatt hours (GWh) of grid-connected storage within the next five years

●National Disaster Response Force;-
↪for the purpose of specialized response to natural and man-made disasters(under Disaster Management Act, 2005)
↪govt. raising of four additional battalions of NDRC

●Train Captain Service;-
↪Train Superintendent (TS) shall be nominated as “Train Captain” (or senior most ticket checking staff )
↪made responsible for all the facilities on train.(concept of a single person/leader responsible for all service)

●Postage stamp b/w India & South Africa(2018);-
↪depicts the images of RSS thinker Deendayal Upadhyaya & Oliver Reginald Tambo of South Africa
•theme↪“20 Years of Strategic Partnership between India and South Africa”

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